Hydro-Dyne’s Product Line

Hydro-Dyne’s Product Line

We are proud to announce another major milestone in our effort to rebrand our company to more accurately reflect our commitment to designing and manufacturing the finest equipment in the industry.

Today, we are launching our rebranded wastewater product line! As you will see, our shark-inspired equipment names are a reflection of our best-in-class industry position in terms of quality, performance and reliability and are consistent with our new brand and logo.

Our product line has vastly changed since 1978. We now offer a variety of equipment options – including four main screen types, five models of through flow screens, a screenings washing machine, a septage receiving station, grit removal equipment and multiple screening handling options.

wastewater Product LineHydro-Dyne Engineering’s 2015 product line includes:

  • Great White Center Flow Screen (formerly the Hydro-Flo)
    The Great White is renowned for having one of the longest lifespans of any shark in the world. It is an apex predator with few natural enemies and dominates almost every body of water around the world. And like the shark from which it bears its name, the Great White Center Flow Screen is designed and manufactured at the highest standard of quality to operate at the highest efficiencies and outperform the competition.
  • Bull Shark Through Flow Screen (formerly the Triden)
    The Bull Shark is known for its aggressive nature, ability to adapt to a wide range of environments, and skill in hunting in murky water. With a variety of grid types, opening sizes and models available, the Bull Shark Through Flow Screen is ideal in a wide range of environments. Low Flow, Standard, Heavy Duty, Super Duty and Front Discharge models are available.
  • wastewater Product LineTiger Shark Multi-Rake Screen (formerly the Triden MRS)
    The Tiger Shark is differentiated by its dark stripes, or bars, down its body and is noted for having one of the widest food spectrums of all sharks, consuming a variety of prey. We felt this was a very fitting representative for our Multi-Rake Screen. With its iconic heavy duty stainless steel bar rakes, the Tiger Shark Multi-Rake Screen efficiently captures a wide variety of debris and is ideal for large particle removal.
  • Sand Shark Grit Trap and Grit Classifier
    Sand Sharks are known for their unique hunting strategy and tendency to swim along the ocean floor near the shoreline in the surf zone. Our Sand Shark Grit Trap and Sand Shark Grit Classifier also feels at home in sandy, gritty environments. Both pieces of equipment are skilled predators with their highly efficient and economical ability to remove grit particles in a variety of flow rates.
  • Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor
    The Whitetip Shark is a fierce but slow-moving shark, notable for its long, rounded fins which feature an iconic white tip. Hydro-Dyne’s Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor thoroughly washes and compacts screenings to produce the clean, compact white screening plugs it’s known for by efficiently returning organics to the channel.
  • Thresher Shark Washing Machine
    Thresher Sharks can be identified by their thresher-like tail that they use to school fish in shallow waters. Like this species, the Thresher Shark Washing Machine utilizes Hydro-Dyne’s proprietary washing compactor and chopper pump technologies to aggressively agitate wastewater screenings – ensuring a clean and compacted catch with organic materials returned to the plant.
  • Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station
    The Dusky Shark is renowned for eating just about anything, including garbage. And like the shark from which its name is inspired, the Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station is ideal and highly capable in screening nearly any material out of a wastewater flow, including septage and grease trap material that other equipment cannot manage.
  • Sawshark Filter Stepper
    Sawsharks cruise the bottom of the ocean floor and use sensors on its iconic blade-like snout with teeth to detect and disable prey. Hydro-Dyne’s Sawshark Filter Stepper screens solids through dynamic and static elements. Teeth on the upward stepping motion of the dynamic elements transport solids to the top of the grid where they are discharged without brushes or water.
  • Spinner Shark Screw Conveyor
    Named for the spinning leaps it makes as a part of its feeding strategy, Spinner Sharks have a long, streamlined body which they use to speed vertically through a school of prey while spinning on its axis. Hydro-Dyne’s Spinner Shark Screw Conveyor provides a simple and effective means to transport screenings from screen to receptacle.
  • Hammerhead Onsite Screen Sizing
    The Hammerhead Shark has extraordinary sensory perception. The positioning of the eyes and distribution of receptors enable the Hammerhead to scan for prey very effectively. This exceptional sensory ability is the inspiration behind our Hammerhead Onsite Screen Sizing (HOSS). Our HOSS service analyzes multiple characteristics of the waste stream, enabling Hydro-Dyne to design and manufacture the ideal screening solution to protect downstream equipment.
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