New Center Flow Screen in Mexico Supports Farm Co-op

New Center Flow Screen in Mexico Supports Farm Co-op

New-Center-Flow-Screen-in-Mexico-Supports-Farm-Co-op-2Hydro-Dyne Engineering recently installed a 23’-tall Great White Center Flow Screen in Mexico to support the irrigation needs for a large agricultural co-op. Prior to the installation of this equipment, farmers had a reoccurring issue of small branches, leaves and other material entering the pump station and clogging pumps and irrigation spray nozzles.

The Great White Center Flow Screen for this application features two unusually wide stainless steel filler plates directing water into a 3mm stainless steel wire mesh grid which allows for optimal capture of material while minimizing headloss in a 14 MGD peak flow environment. Unlike most other screen applications, this screen does not rest on the channel floor. Rather, the screen sits on a custom-designed base which supports the screen and houses a submersible grinder pump used for the spray bar offloading of screenings. Hydro-Dyne engineers designed the base to allow operators to maintain the submersible grinder pump by enabling them to raise and lower it without the need to drain the chamber.

Agriculture is one of the largest sectors of commerce in this region of Mexico. This project was highly visible and very important to the groups of farmers and the government who operate each of the pump stations in the area. With the screen operational, farmers are now able to irrigate their fields more effectively – improving the quality and quantity of their produce.

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