New Washing Module for the Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor Dramatically Improves Performance

New Washing Module for the Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor Dramatically Improves Performance

Introducing-the-Newly-Redesigned-Washing-Module-for-the-Whitetip-Shark-Washing-CompactorProprietary technology, dramatically improved performance and reduced expense are but a few of the hallmarks of the new Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor/Washing Module units.

The new Washing Module has three stages – washing, compaction and extrusion. In the first stage, the washing area, screened material is agitated by the flight and intensely washed via a high-pressure wash water system. The flight in this section acts similarly to a washing machine – agitating and breaking up the product by moving the screenings back and forth to break up the fecal matter. After a period of time, the screenings are moved into the compaction area. Here, screenings are compacted and kept moist via a low-pressure water system. Like wringing a sponge, organics are forced through a perforated drainage section and into a catch pan before returning back into the channel upstream from the screen. Finally, the inorganic, compacted screenings plug is pushed into the extrusion area where the product traverses along a pipe with no flight that helps move the slug through the end stage and out for disposal.

In competitive equipment, temperatures can quickly elevate due to the amount of force, pressure and friction that the machine produces. To prevent this, our new washing module features anti-rotation wear bars that minimize heat from friction, thereby extending the life of the equipment. Additionally, the design of the flight allows it to self-center, reducing unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment. The proprietary technology and all-new design features of the Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor with Washing Module allow it to perform at a level that surpasses much of the competition.

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