Project Profile

Great White Center Flow Screen

Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor with optional screenings bagging unit.

Screw flight with brush to clean wedgewire drain trough.

Quick Facts

New York, USA


Municipal/Industrial Wastewater
Membrane Bioreactor Plant (MBR)

Peak Flow
0.10 MGD (4 L/s)

Grid Openings
3 mm – Stainless Steel
Perforated Panels

Screen Height
207” (5,258 mm)

Screen Width
23” (584 mm)

Screen Depth
18” (457 mm)

Whitetip Shark
Washing Compactor

6” (152 mm) diameter
34” (864 mm) length

NEMA 4X 508A UL listed control
panel with stainless enclosure,
local NEMA 7X, recycle timer,
PLC, and ultrasonic level
sensor and controller

Optional Equipment
• Cold Weather/Freeze Protection

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