Leading the Way in Build America, Buy America Standards

Learn how Hydro-Dyne empowers American infrastructure growth as a certified BABA manufacturer.

When you support a BABA compliant manufacturer like Hydro-Dyne you:

Gain eligibility to participate in federally funded projects
Support domestic
industries and suppliers
Follow compliance with
federal requirements (no waivers required!)
Promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices
Help create jobs
for American workers
Access more funding opportunities
Maintain a
positive reputation
Ensure quality
and reliability

By adhering to these initiatives, Hydro-Dyne ensures that our customers receive the best possible solutions while supporting domestic industries and creating jobs for American workers.

At Hydro-Dyne, we take pride in being a Build America, Buy America (BABA) compliant manufacturer.

The Build American, Buy America Act (BABA) requires domestic manufacture of iron and steel, manufactured products, and construction materials. This statutorily directs federal funded projects (both under IIJA as well future federal infrastructure funding) to comply with Buy America(n) requirements that were previously largely exempted in the water sector for manufactured products. Under BABA, compliant manufactured products means:
  • The manufactured product was manufactured in the United States, and
  • The cost of the components of the manufactured product that are mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States is greater than 55 percent of the total cost of all components of the manufactured product

Watch our video to learn more about BABA.

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We are uniquely positioned to meet requirements with ALL design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing of our equipment performed at our Clearwater, Florida corporate headquarters and production facility.
Hydro-Dyne’s products – including all screening, screening handling and grit removal equipment – are classified as manufactured products, and we are certain we will comply with the requirements of this legislation as it is currently written, without waiting for waivers and potential exemptions.
Upon request, Hydro-Dyne can provide a compliance certificate to customers stating we will meet the requirements. At Hydro-Dyne Engineering, ‘Build America, Buy America’ is just ‘Business as Usual.’

Helpful BABA Resources

Download our article and discover how Hydro-Dyne's commitment to BABA reflects our dedication to providing top-quality, American-made products and services.


We have created a comprehensive checklist that you can download below to verify whether your equipment manufacturer is BABA compliant.


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Building a Better Future with Hydro-Dyne

Hydro-Dyne is proud to be one of the few Build America, Buy America compliant wastewater treatment solutions providers. 


Our commitment to these initiatives reflects our dedication to providing top-quality, American-made products and services while supporting the American economy and workforce. 


Choose Hydro-Dyne for your water and wastewater treatment needs and be part of the movement to build a stronger, more prosperous America.

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Build America, Buy America: Strengthening Our Nation's Foundation Together

The Build America, Buy America Act is a government program designed to support the American economy and workforce by promoting the use of American-made products and services in federally-funded projects. 


The law requires all federally funded projects to use products made in the United States, specifically iron, steel, manufactured goods, and construction materials.

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