Sawshark Filter
Stepper Screen

Ideal for small flow open channel flows
with dry unloading and moderate
screening capture requirements.

Ideal for small flow open channel flows with dry unloading and moderate screening capture requirements.



  • Low headloss, step screen

Grid Opening Range

  • 3mm to 9mm
Flow Capacity
  • 1 mgd (5 L/s) to 15 mgd (650+ L/s)
Stainless Steel
  • T304
  • T316
  • Super Duplex
  • High nickel stainless steels


Sawsharks cruise the bottom of the ocean floor and use sensors on their iconic blade-like snout with teeth to detect and disable prey. Hydro-Dyne’s Sawshark Filter Stepper screens solids through dynamic and static elements. Teeth on the upward stepping motion of the dynamic elements transport solids to the top of the grid where they are discharged without brushes or water. Simple hydraulic operation, no carry-over, and positive discharge without brushes or sprays are just some of the features of this equipment.
  • Low flow step-style screen design for smaller treatment plants
  • Grid opening sizes range from 3mm to 9mm
  • Dry unloading

Theory of Operation

Flow passes through the screen while solids are intercepted and collected by the static and dynamic elements of the grid. Through the upward stepping motion of the dynamic elements, the collected solids are transported to the top of the grid and positively discharged without brushes or water. Spacers on the dynamic grid control the opening size of the screen. Foot spacers are elongated to maintain a constant grid opening (3-9mm options), provide screen support and prohibit bypass.


The stepping motion continuously cleans the submerged grid, while the patented design eliminates bypass and carry-over. Particles and suspended solids are deposited on the face of the grid as the wastewater passes through.


  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Meat and Poultry Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Textile Mills
  • Mining
  • Petroleum

Screenings Handling

An effective screenings handling system is a critical component to every water or wastewater treatment plant. Hydro-Dyne’s turn-key screenings handling solutions are manufactured at the highest level of quality and designed to accept, wash, dewater, compact and/or transport collected screenings. In wastewater applications, screening handling systems are particularly important as they are designed to return organic material to the channel and produce clean, dry and inorganic product that can be properly disposed of in either a container or bagging unit.

Screenings Handling Systems At-A-Glance

  • Collect and convey screenings for disposal
  • Returns organics and wash water to channel
  • Screenings meet strict landfill requirements
  • Compactors reduce disposal weight and volume
  • Bagging units can contain odor
  • Agitation can be introduced for more thorough cleaning
  • Can be designed as integral and external models
  • Shafted and shaftless screw flights

Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor

  • Collects, conveys and compacts screenings for disposal
  • Dewatering and conditioning
  • Returns most organics and wash water to channel

Thresher Shark Washing Machine

  • Extremely thorough washing removes virtually all fecal material and produces “clean” and compacted screenings for disposal
  • High capture of inorganic solids reduces plant operating costs and improves sludge quality
  • Organic material returned to plant for biologic treatment

Spinner Shark Screw Conveyor

  • Collects and conveys screenings for disposal

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