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Proper wastewater screening equipment selection is
imperative to the health of your downstream process.


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The Importance of Proper Equipment Selection

Wastewater screening equipment is vitally important to a successful treatment process. These products are designed to protect significant capital investments in downstream processes that must remain online. Inferior-quality equipment can cause significant damage and disruption to a physical plant if it fails to operate as designed. Hydro-Dyne Engineering recognizes a plant shutdown is not an option and applies its vast experience and expertise in some of the most demanding applications to design and manufacture solutions that deliver quality and value for customers worldwide.

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Process Value

Hydro-Dyne Engineering’s full line of exceptional quality wastewater screens, screenings handling and grit removal equipment are designed and manufactured to deliver extraordinary value to our customers around the world. We build value into the lifecycle of our equipment that has a proven record of operational longevity and removal of solids. We deliver value in the improved performance and reduced maintenance or replacement costs of downstream processes. Installing a high quality screen is not a capital expense, it is an investment in the efficient operation of a plant – and it benefits owners, operators and maintenance crews alike.

With over 45 years of experience and more than 2,500 municipal and industrial installations worldwide, Hydro-Dyne Engineering has the expertise to design and manufacture the solution that is best for your specific need. At Hydro-Dyne Engineering, our solutions are Designed to Protect. Built to Perform.5

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