Reef Package Headworks



Screening & Compaction

  • Center flow screen provides superior solids capture
  • Center flow screen design provides the best hydraulic profile
  • Screening and grit removal combined into one tank
  • Smallest footprint possible with a single tank design
  • Compaction utilizes a dedicated motor for superior solids washing and dewatering

Grit Removal

  • Simplified grit tank design for ease of maintenance
  • Simplified grit tank design utilizes gravity only
  • Center inlet to the grit tank to prevent short circuiting
  • Center inlet is baffled by the screen to provide low inlet velocity
  • Configuration is optimum for grit settling
  • Radial grit tank weir design for lowest possible exit velocity

Standard Designs

  • Peak flow rates to
    2.5 MGD (110 L/s)
  • Air lift or pumped grit removal and transport to grit classifier
  • Stainless construction for protection from biogenic corrosion
  • USA based, designed, fabricated, assembled, and tested


Three Center Flow Screens Displayed

Great White
Center Flow Screen

Great White Center Flow Screen offers high screening capture for unsurpassed protection of downstream processes. Numerous proprietary design features easily collect and offload screenings, including rags and stringy material.

Screenings Handling Washing Compactor

Whitetip Shark
Washing Compactor

The Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor features screenings drainage and compaction zones. Stainless steel flights and anti-rotation bars improve compaction and provide reliable equipment performance and life.

Sand Shark
Grit Classifier

Sand Sharks are known for their unique hunting strategy and tendency to swim near the shoreline in the surf zone. Our Sand Shark Grit Trap and Sand Shark Grit Classifier also feel at home in sandy environments and are skilled predators with their highly efficient ability to remove grit particles in a variety of wastewater flow rates.


  • Ladders, supports
    and handrails
  • Cold weather/freeze protection
  • Basic to sophisticated automation controls
  • Sectional construction for restricted area assembly

Great White Center Flow Screen

Patented Drive Features

  • Grid does not contact drive or unloading mechanism
  • Direct drive uses no chains or sprockets
  • Fully supports grid for negligible wear
  • Uses fractional horsepower modes

Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor

  • Designed to collect, dewater condition, compact and transport screenings from any screen, launder or conveyor to any waste disposal drop point
  • Weight reduction up to 80%
  • Organic removal up to 95%
  • Dewatered screenings dry solids content up to 40% (depending on material to be dewatered)
  • Screenings meet strict landfill requirements (EPA 9095 Paint Filter Test)
  • 6″ standard screw diameter
Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor at Hydro-Dyne Facility

Grit Removal

Sand Shark Grit Classifier:

  • Specifically designed for de-gritting wastewater
  • Elevates, dewaters and disposes of grit
  • Deposits dry grit directly into receptacle
  • Lower bearing fully protected against the ingress of abrasive grit particles

Advanced Grit Removal Design:

  • Grit tank design optimized – mechanical components eliminated
  • Radial weir outlet provides the lowest outlet velocity possible
  • Center inlet eliminates possibility of short circuit
  • Grit settling based on conservative surface overflow rates

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