Our Expertise

45+ years of experience and more than
2,500 unique installations worldwide.

40+ years of experience and more than 2,000 unique installations worldwide.

Experience Matters

Drawing on our 45+ years of experience and more than 2,500 unique installations worldwide, your wastewater screening equipment will be specifically engineered to best fit the needs of your application. We take great pride in our products and services as well as our ability to provide equipment for a variety of water and wastewater applications.

Each of our products offers superior functionality, reliability and protection – reducing maintenance costs and improving the performance of downstream equipment. Time-proven equipment and newly patented designs are constantly being innovated at Hydro-Dyne Engineering as we continue to add to our list of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Headworks Screening System
Debris Removed From Water

Our Approach


Hydro-Dyne engineers and scientists design products to the highest level of performance to ensure our water quality and environments are preserved. Our ability to design high capture screening technologies, complex assemblies and machine support structures while maintaining a low mechanical burden drives the ever increasing performance of our machines.


Hydro-Dyne’s engineering team serves as a pillar to the success of the company and our customers by leveraging our core competencies to continually improve and advance technologies in our pursuit of solutions for issues facing environmental sustainability and resource scarcity in the water treatment industry.

Research & Development

Solving some of the most complex problems in the constantly evolving water and wastewater industry requires engineers to have the freedom to approach issues from new and different angles. Hydro-Dyne Engineering is committed to investing in our people and process to develop new solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing our industry.


Our innovators and problem solvers are passionate about improving the quality of our environment. We work closely with municipalities and industrial facilities from around the world to develop new technologies and processes that help protect downstream processes.


While our industry-leading equipment already sets the standard for quality and performance in our industry, we are constantly innovating new solutions to make our products perform better, last longer and require less maintenance. We take great pride in knowing that our research and technologies work to improve the quality of water in communities around the world.

The Value of a Properly Designed Screen

  • Maximized screening capture
  • Decreased capital costs attributed to oversized equipment
  • Reduced equipment maintenance
  • Reduced chance of screen failure or headworks flooding
  • Improved hydraulic performance predictions
  • Quantified loading in municipal wastewater, pulp and paper, food processing, brewery, pharmaceutical and other unique waste streams
  • Measures existing screen performance
Headworks Screen Design

Hammerhead On-site Screen Sizing

The Hammerhead Shark has extraordinary environmental perception through highly specialized sensory receptors. Our proprietary Hammerhead On-site Screen Sizing service ensures the ideal screening system is designed by measuring and evaluating multiple characteristics of a unique flow. Collected data is evaluated for the proper selection of screen type, size, grid opening, operation time and capital outlay for optimal screenings capture. The end result is an efficiently designed system that effectively protects downstream equipment and saves the customer money throughout the entire plant.

The Need to Test Your Wastewater Flow

Every treatment plant has a unique flow and downstream processes that require specialized screening protection. Studies have shown that wet screenings quantities encountered at different plants can vary by as much as 240%, and SCRs between different screen styles can vary by as much as 50%. With so many variables affecting an individual plant’s wastewater flow, the value of a screening system specifically designed for an individual plant cannot be understated.

Wastewater Screen Blockage

Factors Affecting Plant Flow Include:

  • Collection system: retention time, size, pumping, EQ basins, etc.
  • Population: density and contributing industries or
  • Channel design: flow distribution and pretreatment processes like coarse screening and grit removal I&I and weather events

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Do you have any questions or would you like more information? We’d be happy to hear from you.