Spinner Shark Screw Conveyor
& Sluice System

Effective transport of solids from screen to receptacle.

Effective transport of solids from
screen to receptacle.


  • Transportation and dewatering of solids
  • Totally enclosed for safety, aesthetics and odor control
  • Precision lasered or wedgewire dewatering zone (optional)
  • Designs with bearings on both ends reduces wear on flight and trough
  • UHMWPE wear surfaces reduce friction and repair
  • Shafted and shaftless flights
  • Hydraulic and electric drives
  • Single and double bearing designs


Named for the spinning leaps it makes as a part of its feeding strategy, Spinner Sharks have a long, streamlined body that they use to speed vertically through a school of prey while spinning on its axis. Hydro-Dyne’s Spinner Shark Screw Conveyor provides a simple and effective means to transport screenings from mechanical screen or washing compactor to receptacle. A stainless steel flight, in a variety of sizes and lengths, is standard for all Screw Conveyors. Electric and hydraulic models are available.

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