Correctional Facilities



Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Correctional and Prison Facilities

Local jails, state and federal correctional facilities, and prison systems need to meet several unique challenges every day to ensure
day-to-day operational functionality, including how to manage water and wastewater systems. Water and wastewater screening equipment are vital components to all successful treatment processes; they are particularly important in prison and correctional facility applications. These systems have to manage an influent stream with a wide variety of disruptive solids, including contraband, sheets, towels, shoes, clothing and other foreign objects, that can potentially damage and overwhelm the treatment process. Without the proper equipment, these materials can dramatically increase system downtime, cause thousands of dollars in damage, and the need to replace costly equipment.

With over 45 years of experience, Hydro-Dyne Engineering has designed and manufactured hundreds of institutional and industrial wastewater screening systems worldwide. Our wastewater screening systems for prisons and correctional facilities are custom designed and skillfully manufactured with the highest degree of quality and durability to keep systems running smoothly, and prevent costly downtime, equipment repair and replacement. Equipment that grinds and macerates solids require constant maintenance and can damage downstream processes, Hydro-Dyne’s screening technology is designed to remove and dispose of solids without the need to pass the material downstream.

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