MBR Pre-Screening Challenges? Here's How to Solve Them

Get an inside look at the analysis and solutions needed to address MBR pre-screening challenges and meet the demand for high quality recycled water.

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You rely on a membrane bioreactor (MBR) because of its ability to treat wastewater by a microfiltration or ultrafiltration process with a suspended growth biological reactor.

Membrane systems require influent to be pre-treated with ultra-fine screens having filtration grid openings of 2mm or less. This protection is important to remove the inorganic trash, fibers, and hair present in the wastewater stream before they get into the membrane tank. Once in the membrane tank, they have no place to go.

High-quality screening performance matters. If the membranes bundles accumulate too many solids, it prevents the rewetting of the membrane’s fiber bundles. In turn, this causes the membranes to dry out, which renders them irreversibly fouled. End result is a reduction in the system’s capacity for filtration.

Two stage screening is a best practice to protect the membrane bioreactor process. Two stage screening includes a coarse screening stage and a fine screening stage. Grit removal is typically placed in between screening stages.

In these articles by Hydro-Dyne Engineering, we will analyze solutions to address MBR pre-screening challenges in two parts: Coarse Screening and Fine Screening. You will learn the factors that affect the wastewater entering your facility. You’ll also get an in-depth look at a variety of screen types (multi-rake bars, through flow screens, step screens, drum screens, center flow screens), and screening grids (bar, perforated plates, and mesh).

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