Wastewater Screening Equipment Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Municipal and Industrial Facilities

Hydro-Dyne is committed to empowering cities, businesses, and all they serve worldwide in achieving the utmost efficiency from their wastewater treatment equipment. As an industry leader, we’re here to help you make informed decisions that not only protect our environment, but also elevate the quality of life for communities across the globe.

Why Traditional Approaches To Screen Design Are Becoming Increasingly Obsolete

Traditional approaches to screen design are creating operational blind spots, areas of unmitigated risk, and leaving costs unaddressed. In order to fully optimize treatment and reduce costs, municipalities must look beyond traditional screening design parameters.

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The Steep (and Hidden) Costs of Inefficient Wastewater Screening Equipment

A poorly designed wastewater screening system will lead to higher costs. Those costs can eat significantly into your overall facility budget and cause your operations to be expensively inefficient. And when equipment fails because you have an inadequate system, the downtime compromises your mission.


In this video, we help you plan for improving your operations. You’ll learn about the importance of proper screening design and maintenance in municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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Learn More About Improving the Efficiency and Longevity of Your Wastewater Screening Processes

Why Wastewater Screen Sizing Matters


How to get the right screen size for your wastewater treatment plant


Seven common wastewater mechanical screens


Six trends in wastewater screening equipment and wastewater treatment


How One Municipality Reduced Their Maintenance Costs and Increased Wastewater Treatment Efficiency

Learn how Hydro-Dyne helped a city in Illinois overcome wastewater challenges, significantly boosting efficiency, cutting maintenance hours in half, and achieving remarkable cost savings with our revolutionary Great White Center Flow Screen.

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In this case study you’ll learn:

Optimize Your Headworks System Design Through On-Site Testing

Optimizing your headworks system design enhances operational efficiency, improves wastewater treatment performance, and minimizes environmental impact for your facility. To take advantage of these benefits, site-specific data analysis is crucial for optimal screening equipment selection.

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Hydro-Dyne is able to provide on-site testing to determine what the loading properties are of your specific collection system. Contact us to schedule an appointment.