• Designed to collect, condition, dewater and compact screenings from virtually any existing screen
  • Returns most organics and wash water to channel
  • Reduces disposal weight and volume
  • Bagging units can contain odor
  • Screenings meet strict landfill requirements
  • Integral and external models available
  • Shafted and shaftless flights available
  • Electric and hydraulic drives available


In nature, the Whitetip Shark is a fierce but slow-moving shark, notable for its long, rounded fins which feature an iconic white tip. Hydro-Dyne’s Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor thoroughly washes and compacts screenings to produce the clean white screening plugs it’s known for.

The Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor is designed to accept, wash, dewater and compact collected screenings, ensuring organic material is efficiently returned to the channel so that a clean, dry and inorganic product can be properly disposed of in either a container or bagging unit.

Our washing compactor is custom-designed for every application, taking the type of flow and solids collected into account. High quality construction provides an enduring solution to exceed ever increasing disposal requirements.

Discharge Options

  • Dual Bearing: Dewatering
  • Reduction Flange: Dewatering and some compaction
  • Hinged Gate: Dewatering and compaction
  • Press Elbow: Maximum dewater and compaction plus elevation
  • Cold weather/freeze protection available

Screening Collection Options

  • Screenings Collection Bagging System
  • Self-Leveling Bins
  • Stainless Steel Discharge Chute

High Pressure Washing Module and Hopper

  • 40-60 PSI pressure nozzle further wash screenings before they are conveyed for disposal.
  • Adjustable flow allows operator ability to regulate usage of water and degree of washing.
  • Externally mounted to eliminate buildup on nozzles and reduce maintenance.
  • Hopper securely connects to bottom of screen.
  • Effective collection of solids.
  • Fully covered to eliminate odors and add to appearance.

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