7 Benefits of Remanufacturing Your Headworks Equipment

A poorly functioning wastewater screening system will lead to higher maintenance costs – and possibly catastrophic results for your facility and those it serves. Even if you avoid a total shutdown, those costs can eat significantly into your overall facility budget and cause your operations to be expensively inefficient. When equipment fails because you have an inadequate system, the downtime compromises your mission. But all of that is avoidable.


We’ve created an infographic to help you take an expert approach to your plant’s headworks. You’ll learn about the criteria that affect proper screen design and what steps you should take to maintain your screening equipment.

Factors that affect your decision

    • What is the condition of the equipment? If components are showing signs of wear or damage, you’re not getting the performance your facility was built to deliver.
    • How old is the equipment? The older your screening equipment, the less effective it can be. Remanufacturing your equipment returns it to peak efficiency and extends its life.
    • Are your maintenance expenses increasing year over year? If you are having to rely on repairs more frequently, it may just be a matter of time before it breaks down. Remanufacturing today will prevent that failure and cost less in the long run.
    • Are you making more than two repairs a year? If your screening equipment is regularly breaking down, talk to us about rebuilding.

In the full infographic, we address these and more factors to be aware of and respond to, including changes to the processes in your plant, growth of the community you serve, and regulatory requirements.

Seven benefits of remanufacturing your headworks

When you work with Hydro-Dyne to remanufacture your screening equipment, you will:

    • Extend equipment life and increase its efficiency
    • Lower your operation and maintenance expenses
    • Minimize downtime and prevent catastrophic failure
    • Avoid the time and expense required for a new equipment
    • Design upgrades to fit flow and process changes
    • Costs a fraction of what you would spend on new equipment
    • Extend the warranty on those repaired screen components

Learn more about our proven remanufacturing process and how it can maximize the life of your screening equipment.

Is it time to have your headworks equipment rebuilt?

Download our infographic “Is It Time to Rebuild Your Screening Equipment” and use it as a guide to assess the state of your headworks.

If you’re not sure if you need to rebuild, Hydro-Dyne can help evaluating current condition of your equipment components.

To speak with a Hydro-Dyne expert about your operations and whether remanufacturing your headworks is right for you, call us at 813-818-0777. We look forward to bringing your equipment back to like-new condition.

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