Hydro-Dyne’s Proven Process for Remanufacture Ensures Continued Customer Success

Here at Hydro-Dyne we build our screening equipment to operate for many years, but normal wear and tear will eventually take their toll. When your wastewater treatment operations start performing below minimum standards, you’ll have to take the equipment offline for replacement or maintenance.

One of the many benefits of being a Hydro-Dyne customer is the option to have your equipment remanufactured. With our remanufacturing service, we’ll bring your existing Hydro-Dyne equipment back to like-new condition.

Our remanufacturing process extends the life of your equipment. It can also let you repurpose your equipment to help your facility deal with growing populations, changes in flow characteristics, and new or stricter regulations.

The value of our Remanufacturing Proven Process

We consider ourselves a partner in your success. Customer relationships are important to us because they show how dedicated we are to providing consistent results and the highest quality for you and your operations. By following each step of our Proven Process, we reinforce our values:


We are honest, straight-forward and work tirelessly to create enduring partnerships.


We contribute to the successes of each other while creating cleaner environments through sustainable development.


We strive for excellence in all facets of our business to bring uncompromised solutions to market.


We stand behind our products and are driven to do what’s right.


We combine logic
with creativity and adaptability to
find solutions to challenging problems.

Benefits of Remanufacturing with Hydro-Dyne

Our remanufacturing process is built for performance and delivered by certified, experienced technicians. It also delivers the value you expect:

    • Extends your equipment life and increases its reliability
    • Lowers your operating and maintenance costs – Restoring your aging equipment to like-new condition, along with periodic inspections and preventative maintenance, are key to keeping your costs down over the long term.
    • Reduces unexpected downtime and prevents catastrophic events – The time it takes to rebuild your screens is significantly less than what it would take to get new screens.
    • Upgrades the design to better fit any flow and process changes
    • Avoids the time and expense of buying and installing new equipment
    • Includes an extended warranty on replaced and repaired components – We stand behind our work with a one-year warranty on all parts designed and manufactured by Hydro-Dyne.

Addressing your equipment needs before a devastating failure is essential to the life and reliability of your headworks. At Hydro-Dyne, we are committed to keeping our customers’ facilities running in peak condition. That’s why we are dedicated to providing this remanufacturing service and quality maintenance, so your equipment lasts longer and you can properly serve your communities.

Hydro-Dyne Commits to Customers Through our Proven Process for Remanufacturing

When it’s time to revisit and rebuild your wastewater screening equipment, our certified and experienced technicians follow Hydro-Dyne’s Proven Process to deliver consistent satisfaction and high quality for your continued success.


These steps ensure we follow best practices. They also let you know that the process and end-results meet or exceed the needs of your wastewater treatment plant. Our process includes the following:


    1. Get customer input. We will talk about your concerns and identify where your equipment is underperforming.
    2. Clean, disassemble, and evaluate the equipment. This helps us understand your remanufacture needs.
    3. Require and recommend the right scope of work.
    4. Replace and/or refurbish the agreed-to components.
    5. Re-assemble and test equipment to ensure we’ve achieved the desired results.
    6. Re-installation support (Optional).

Once the remanufacturing process is complete, we test each screen for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure proper alignment and performance. We take great pride in our remanufacturing efficiency, as it allows us ample time to make final adjustments while the screen is being tested.

Hydro-Dyne is a Reliable Partner for Ensuring the Maximum Life of Our Customers’ Equipment

When you improve the performance of your equipment, you avoid unplanned downtime. If your equipment starts showing signs of excessive or abnormal wear, or if it malfunctions, call Hydro-Dyne.


We are here to ensure the maximum life of your equipment, whether you need onsite inspections, remanufacturing of existing equipment, replacement parts, or new equipment consulting.


Contact us to speak with an expert about your specific needs or call us at (813) 818-0777. We look forward to working with you for your remanufacturing and other service-related needs. We are excited about bringing your equipment back to like-new condition.


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